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I’m always looking of new ways to travel, the purpose of my blog is to discover travel destinations, live an adventure, tell a story, dream with photography, to offer a different perspective from the usual means, inspire.

To do that I work with many Brands and Media, during my travels I worked with:




Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products.


Manfrotto is a worldwide leading brand in the manufacturing of camera and lighting supports.

  • Brand promotion
  • Promotion of camera backpack Bumblebee
  • Promotion of tripod Befree 

8bar Bikes & Adidas

8bar is a bicycle company, based in Germany. Never pre-made and never identical, each bike is a unique, co-created project between 8bar and it’s owner-to-be.

  • Products promotion with Adidas apparel and the bicycle 8bar Mitte


Ricoh is a leader company in the technology industry. It ‘was the first company to launch on the market a 360° camera, the Ricoh Theta.

  • Promotion of Ricoh products with the 360° camera Ricoh Theta S


Osprey is a company with award-winning backpacks, based in California.

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Trips in Taiwan and New Zealand


Giant is the most popular bicycle brand with 12.000 shops all over the world

  • Products promotion
  • Promotion of the event Formosa 900
  • Brand promotion in Events and Newspapers

Myfootbike is an italian retailer of Footbike.

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Brand promotion in Events, Newspapers and Television


Crussis is a Footbike brand, based in Czech Republic.

  • Products promotion with Urban 3.3
  • Brand promotion in Events, Newspapers and Television


Decathlon is a franchise of sport brands like Btwin and Quechua.

  • Products promotion of Decathlon, Quechua and Btwin.


Explore Himalaya

Explore Himalaya is a Tour Operator, leader in Nepal for Trekking and adventure travels

  • Promotion of the agency
  • Promotion of the Everest Camp Base trekking with video and pictures

Taiwan Tourism

Taiwan Tourism promoting Taiwan as tousist destination.

  • Promotion of Taiwan with pictures, articles and social sharing.

Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland promoting Ireland as tourist destination.

  • Promotion of Ireland with pictures, articles and social sharing.

Tourism Ireland about me

Desartica Adventures

Desartica is a Tour Operator, leader in Italy for adventure travels with 4×4, Bike, Mtb.

  • Promotion of the agency
  • Tour Leader in Group Trips

OGO Rotorua

OGO Rotorua is the largest ball rolling park in the world and has been developed by the inventors of this iconic experience.

  • Promotion of OGO with pictures, articles, video and live blogging.

Wellington Tourism

Wellington Tourism promoting Wellington as tourist destination.

  • Promotion of the New Zealand capital with articles, pictures and live blogging.

MEDIA is the most visited italian on-line newspaper with 6 milions followers on facebook.

HelloWorld is the magazine of Hello bank! with news about Culture, Music, Travels, Science and Lifestyle.

  • Creator of contents and Social sharing  is the biggest Italian guide about Ireland.

  • social sharing



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